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- Margaret Mead, American Author, 1901-1978 

 Executive Summary 

THE COMMONS is a Legacy Project initiative of Corporations For Communities, a revolutionary proprietary cause marketing firm specializing in the synergistic blending of companies’ social causes, corporate volunteerism, and PR/media. 

As a Corporations For Communities client, your company will:

  • Fulfill CSR and community outreach objectives with customized community cause events

  • Retain, reward, and recruit valued employees with organized team-building volunteer opportunities

  • Become recognized as a caring, community-conscious, corporate citizen through targeted PR/media attention

THE COMMONS is a series of compelling community causes where mini parks and enhanced gardens are created on existing underserved school, nonprofit, and community sites by company-sponsored teams of engaged employee volunteers.  THE COMMONS initiative is custom-designed to meet the objectives of your company. You decide what population you help, what communities you impact, what sites you improve, and when your team volunteers. 

THE COMMONS is a grass-roots community all-volunteer effort, and typically fused with extensive PR, including earned media, mass media, social media, and proprietary media. As our client, you receive a guaranteed time bank of PR credit to use at your discretion.

Each of the three sectors of THE COMMONS (Cause Event + Employee Volunteerism + Media | PR) are meticulously managed by Corporations For Communities in-house, allowing a truly signature initiative to be developed specifically for your company.  No “secondary attachment” to some other organization’s event, where your company risks becoming an afterthought on many levels. 

The rare fusion of these three major benefit groups (CSR + HR + PR) provides a fully custom-designed proprietary platform that is built for—and works specifically for—your company.  You own your cause, your volunteer experience, and your publicity. No coat-tailing on others!

With more than 20 years of perfecting this unusual social impact blueprint, we have the proven experience to make a partnership with THE COMMONS a worthwhile investment.  You’ll make a tangible difference in your community, you’ll reward your employees, and you’ll spotlight your company.  For more information on our rare Corporations For Communities blueprint, please visit www.corporationsforcommunities.com

 CSR | Community Engagement 

CSR  |  By adopting a community build mini park and enhanced gardens site, your improvements provide a much needed gift that will make a difference in the lives of hundreds, or even thousands in underserved communities.  

Our mini parks are built on the campuses of public and charter schools, as part of nonprofit facilities, and on existing and new community park spaces.  At no cost to the school, nonprofit, or municipality, these mini parks can be designed by a professional landscape architect and design team.  Each mini park is designed specifically for the recipient and community.  There is no cookie-cutter approach.  


Each mini park includes two base modules; softscape (live horticultural elements) and hardscape (boulders, stone, brick, concrete, wood, etc.) as a starting point.  Then, the recipient selects up to 12 elective modules to receive a fully-customized project that fits the needs, objectives, and wants of the recipient.  Designers cleverly and carefully intertwine modules to create a functional and relaxing  park environment.

THE COMMONS is typically anchored by the Gazebo @ THE COMMONS, the central gathering space.  Other modules include; an enhanced flower garden, community growing garden, meditation path, outdoor learning space, play space, expanded site furnishings, water feature, landscape bridge, sun shading, path lighting, group seating or picnic area.


End result is a relaxing and special space that lower-to-middle income residents can enjoy in their neighborhood, on their nonprofit facility, or on their school campus.  Often, these people lack the space and amenities at their home, apartment, nonprofit, school, or elsewhere in their community.    

Our Corporations For Communities agency manages each component of the community outreach process, so you can concentrate on your core business responsibilities.  This includes research of communities, populations, and sites, in addition to all due diligence to ensure the recipients you help are deserving.  We spearhead the development of the design and production teams.  All products, materials, plants, trees, tools, and equipment are provided.  On-site expert direction is provided to help all volunteers.   

 HR | Employee Volunteerism 

HR  |  Your corporate team-building volunteer experience is managed with impeccable attention to the details.  From an easy-to-register on-line volunteer portal; to well-organized volunteer activities; to offering leadership roles; your employees are treated with respect and shown the utmost of appreciation. 

There are substantial volunteer benefits that are provided to employee and guest volunteers.  Most of these tangible benefits can not be found in traditional community outreach programs simply because of budgetary constraints.  Our platform is designed to place all our volunteers first!  We respect, value, and appreciate every single volunteer as if it were our only one.  Aside from our enhanced volunteer benefits, we've been told the most important return our volunteers get, is the feeling of immediate and tangible accomplishment!  Since our projects are designed to be completed in less than a single week, treasured volunteers are able to see the immediate impact their efforts have made and are usually able to experience first-hand the difference they have made in people's lives.

The rare team-building aspect of these projects is unparalleled.  THE COMMONS projects are designed to bring together your employees, their family and guests (if you desire), your clients, your affiliates, your partners, your vendors, etc. for a major outreach event.  There are no requirements for this kind of experience as we have on-site professionals providing direction.  Usually, in just hours, your engaged team of dedicated volunteers completes this magical makeover, and transforms the community.   

 PR | Media + Marketing 

PR  |  Expansive media and PR surround THE COMMONS cause events, with all our in-house efforts directed by you.  With the focus being targeted social media and earned media (mass media, industry publicity, etc.), our team of media-centric professionals understands explicitly how to get the media attention you desire. 


You receive a guaranteed credit of PR hours by our publicists to ensure that your messages are clearly communicated and your stories are covered.  Strategically placed social media, in addition to blogging opportunities, offers unparalleled engagement with your customers and potentials.  You decide exactly how to use your time bank hours.  The media and public relations focus is decided by your company.  We track each hour meticulously, so you know exactly how our publicists and team of media professionals are working for you. 

We strategically initiate other media and PR support, including photography, b-roll video, on-site presence, project collateral, and production of our proprietary ‘MiniMag’ publications and cause-related company-dedicated ‘Microsites’.  These provide multiple avenues for your company to be recognized as an outstanding corporate citizen—by both your employees and the public.

THE COMMONS Different By Design

Professionally managed by Corporations For Communities, a Proprietary Cause Marketing firm

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