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Track Record | 20 . 600 . 20,000

With more than 600 projects sites under our belts, it's safe to say we're now on the right side of the critical learning curve. What started as a media and public relations partnership in Florida more than 20 years ago, we have transformed into a premier CSR-focused, volunteer-driven, media-centric series of projects that synergizes your community relations, human resources, and marketing departments.  In an rather unusual, and highly effective way. 

During the years, we have learned what population segments are most in need, what population segments are most impacted by projects of this magnitude, and what population segments are most grateful for these efforts.  We have learned how to conduct due diligence to ensure no one is unfairly benefitting.  We have learned what type of schools, nonprofits, and municipalities are  manageable and feasible.  We have learned how to inspect and spec the sites for a successful event.  And we have learned where most of the pitfalls are, and do our very best to prepare in advance or avoid them all together.

During more than two decades, we have coordinated the efforts of almost 20,000 employee volunteers.  In our earlier days, we produced 50 separate events with more than 2,000 corporate volunteers in one single day.  We have learned what's important to community volunteers.  And what isn't.  We have learned how to recruit volunteers, how to organize volunteers, how to prepare volunteers, how to inspire volunteers, how to feed volunteers, and how to appreciate volunteers.  

During the last 20 years, we have garnered hundreds of millions of media impressions for our partners.  We have learned how to obtain coverage and press for our clients' community outreach.  We have learned how and when to present the compelling stories to the media.  We have learned how social media has changed the landscape, and how to best spotlight our clients through this emerging medium.  And we have learned that each and every client has a strategy and plan that is different from the others.

We have taken years of experience, years of mistakes, years of successes, and have reinvented our platform and model with a Corporations For Communities moniker.  Substantially similar to our first project in the 90's.  And at the same time, strikingly different.  It's safe to say we're now on the right side of the learning curve.




The reinvented Corporations For Communities platform is designed for multinational corporations, regional companies, and local firms wanting to make a difference in their communities, and in their bottom line.

During the last 20 years, our founder, Marshall G. Zotara, has been honored to work with Fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot, Bank of America, Fidelity, Farmers Insurance, UnitedHealth Group, Ryland Homes, State Farm, and others.  The grassroots projects deliver a profound statement that they care about their communities.  Care enough to not only contribute real dollars, but just as important, real efforts, real time, and real results. 


Our founder has produced projects as far east as Florida, and as far west as California.  And a few in between.  We have partnered with various types of national businesses, from financial services and insurance companies, to home builders and real estate services.  We have partnered with multiple regional and local companies, such as retail, grocery stores, health services, and

hospitals. We have partnered with companies which brought a handful of volunteers to their adopted site, to companies which brought busloads of volunteers, literally.  

Our reinvented, highly-customized blueprint now allows you to collaborate with our team and co-design the model that fits your company.  With the adoption of a mini park, each project site can accommodate 30-300+ volunteers, making this program ideal for modest family businesses to large national corporations.  Ideal for Corporate HQ, regional hubs and offices, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, warehouses, call centers, retail, professional services, telecommunications, real estate, business-to-business, education and a host of other industries.

We can develop a statewide or regional platform that offers multiple-market projects in various cities in which you have presence. Most every element of the partnership is customizable, adaptable, and flexible.

Your degree of involvement in the planning, nomination, site selection, prep, and week-of event activities is based on your objectives. Your project leaders can be as engaged as you desire, or as modestly involved (until the week-of event of course) as you see fit.

Contact us for a dialogue to explore what we can do for you.  Even if the time isn't right today for a fusion of these worlds, you may learn more about this paradigm shift.  An emerging story gaining in prominence.



"This is the best idea I've ever seen in all my years in public relations."​

- Vice President, Public Relations - Fortune 100 Bank, California

“We initially thought of our participation as simply a good PR move, but quickly discovered that our involvement brought us benefits far beyond what we had expected."

- Vice President, Regional HealthCare Provider - Florida

​"The marketing is substantial.  But the real story is when you see the homeowner you're helping break down and cry!"

​- Team Manager, Fortune 100 Home Improvement Retailer - California

​“Perhaps most important, this project was turn-key for our managers and staff.  All media, marketing, and PR efforts were handled effectively and efficiently by your organization, and employee volunteerism was easy to coordinate.”

- President/CEO, Regional Credit Union - Florida

“This project revitalized a tired and aging elementary school into a brilliant. inspiring, and inviting educational facility.  Our entire team was very satisfied with the event execution...provided every element for a successful project including planning, organization, and extensive communication.”

- Public Affairs Manager, Fortune 100 Retailer - California

​“I want to commend your organization for a job well done!  Totally professional.”​

- District Leader, Habitat For Humanity - California

Images and renderings contained on this website provided for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily demonstrate actual previous production. 

Experience noted is that of company founder as manager of previously involved companies and/or employment. 









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