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By Design

Yes, We Are Different

Please Don't Label Us

As an innovative proprietary cause marketing firm, Corporations For Communities skillfully fuses together CSR (Community Outreach), HR (Employee Volunteerism), and PR (Media and Marketing).  Because of our uniqueness, it's very challenging to place a label on what kind of company we actually are.

Perhaps it's easier to tell you what we are not.  

We are not a 'Nonprofit Charity', although we work closely with 501(c)3 nonprofits and affiliated organizations to help identify and qualify prospective schools, nonprofits, and communities to gift a mini park.  And often, our mini parks are built on nonprofit campuses and facilities.  Think of us as the firm that builds critical partnerships with nonprofits and community organizations to help all stakeholders achieve their goals.

We are not an 'Employee Benefits' firm, although our projects will certainly benefit your employees.  Our world of corporate employee volunteerism is the only world in which we elect to live.  We have invested 20 years perfecting today's blueprint of enhanced employee engagement related to the new era of corporate volunteerism.  And although we don't do new employee recruitment or traditional existing employee benefits, our projects will unquestionably help those who do.  

We are not an 'Ad Agency' looking to supplant your existing advertising or PR agency. In fact, we often collaborate with our clients' advertising or PR agencies to make sure we are in alignment with your goals.  We get marketing, media, and PR.  In fact, it's the world we grew up in. Think of us as a boutique firm specializing only in cause events, corporate volunteerism, and the public relations that surround these efforts.  

We understand that our rather unique triple-crossover 'hybrid' model of community, employee, and media engagement is certainly different.  In today's world of giving back, employee satisfaction, and the artful to cause-related public relations, we think different is a good thing.  A very good thing.

Different By Design
The Cause

By Design, we have developed a blueprint that allows for extreme customization of your community outreach cause program.  Each grassroots initiative is designed to meet the objectives of your company. Each of our projects are managed by our Corporations For Communities agency in-house, allowing a truly signature cause to be developed specifically for your company.  THE COMMONS allows you to help underserved children, families, and seniors by creating mini parks and enhanced gardens that

will help lower-income families and seniors live healthier and happier lives.

You Own Your Event

You own your event.  Period.  You decide what population you help, what communities you impact, what sites you develop, and when your team volunteers. You control virtually every aspect of your project.  No 'secondary or tertiary attachment' to some other organization’s event, where your company risks becoming an afterthought on many levels.  And no other outside companies can partner with your event, unless you want to bring them in. 

No-Worries Management

Our Corporations For Communities agency manages each and every element of THE COMMONS, ensuring details are not overlooked.  With more than 600 similar projects produced during the last 20 years, we have already experienced the dreaded 'learning curve'.  We know what the potential pitfalls are.  And we take appropriate precautions to avoid each and every one. We oversee your program start-to-finish, beginning with a detailed Scope of Project (SOP) Executive Briefing, and ending with a Post-Project Client Fulfillment Portfolio (CFP).  We even manage the entire project site research, nomination, and selection process.  This includes providing your company short lists, conducting interviews, and coordinating site visits.  We provide Site Needs Analysis Studies so everyone knows exactly what is required for a successful project.  

Everything's Included

We provide everything your company needs to ensure a community engagement project that is free from 'week-of' and 'day-of' issues.  We provide all products, materials, plants, trees, tools, and equipment.  On-site expert direction is provided to help all volunteers.  We are proud to have developed a 'well-oiled machine' that ensures a blueprint for success.  

The Volunteerism
Enhanced Volunteer Experience

By Design, we place your volunteers in a position to have an unusually fun and rewarding experience.  Our events are extremely well planned, well organized, and well managed.  We have managed almost 20,000 employee volunteers during the last 20 years, with 98.9% stating they would do another project if it were managed by us. THE COMMONS is ideal for 30-300 volunteers.  We customize your volunteer event(s) to achieve the goals that are important to your company--not ours.


We subscribe to the belief that, "We treat each volunteer as if he was our only one, otherwise he just may be."  Every volunteer has a purpose, a role, a job, and we do our absolute best to make sure no one is just standing around with nothing to do (unless, of course, he wants to be).  There are always ample materials, supplies, tools, and everything required to make the volunteer feel useful and valued. Simply,we respect each and every volunteer, and their contribution.


Every volunteer is treated with appreciation, well beyond what is typical for similar projects.  We feed your volunteers well.  Breakfast, snacks, beverages, lunch, depending on when volunteers are scheduled to help.  Every volunteer gets a custom-designed volunteer t-shirt, sized to their request.  Providing you elect the 'Family and Friends' option, employees may elect to bring their family and friends to help on the day-of, with every guest volunteer valued as much as your employee.  There are leadership roles that allow volunteers with higher goals to achieve them.  There are volunteer positions available that are virtually free of the more physical labor roles, that allow everyone to help.  With our Marquee option, all employee volunteers are invited to a post-event Volunteer Team Appreciation Breakfast, served at your choice of locations, by select company executives (yes, your company execs become the servers on this morning).  Commemorative Photo Folders and team awards are distributed.

The Public Relations
Our Origin

By Design, we have built our unique platform with media and public relations coverage being at the hub of who we are.  We grew up in media, then added cause events and volunteer management to our portfolio.  We have earned hundreds of millions of media impressions for our clients through TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and more recently, social media.

Time Bank PR Credit

Every client now receives a guaranteed Time Bank of PR Credit for you to use at your discretion.  Based on your goals and needs.  Use our experienced team of PR and media professionals.  Coverage includes social media, mass media, earned media, press releases and distribution, story pitching, blogging, drafting CSR briefings and white papers.  Marquee clients can receive custom MiniMags, Microsites, or additional PR Credit.  You decide.  It's your bank.

Corporations For Communities Initiated

In addition, Corporations For Communities initiates proven marketing and media coverage for your owned event.  This includes project press kits, internal marketing to your employees for volunteer recruitment and/or awareness, on-site visual presence, on-site photographers and videographers, and post-project client fulfillment portfolios.


Each client has the option to customize our media and public relations efforts around your company's objectives.  As an example, for those not requiring external media coverage, we have a plan that allows you to give back to your communities and reward your employees without the PR spotlight.  We can promote within your company's sphere, or minimize all promotion if you desire.  Simply, we have a mindset that each client can adapt our program specifically around your needs. 

Professionally managed by Corporations For Communities, a Proprietary Cause Marketing firm

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